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There’s a certain quality you get when you buy from a regional business: we care about our community. A lot.

About Small Biz HQ

Here at Small Business HQ, we believe in a few fundamental principles:


All for and for all

Supporting the ecosystem of small business is our driving force. We know that helping business owners succeed results in more jobs and a thriving community.


Fair Mate

We’re pretty honest ‘round these parts. In fact, our core values are centred around ethical and moral behaviour. In turn, we attract the most down-to-earth, transparent, honest, hard-working humans as clients.


Trust the

The backend of your business doesn’t need to be complicated - in fact, simple is best. But there’s a process to get it right – and we know the secret sauce. Together we can take it back to basics, so you can get back to business.

About the Small Biz HQ Team

sam devers small biz HQ

Sam Devers

Founder / BAS Agent / Boss Lady

We can do this bio in two ways:
I can talk to you in the first person; human-to-human, just as I do with my clients every day…
or, I can speak to you in third person; you know, the weird, stiff kinda way the ‘professionals’ introduce themselves *pops feet up on desk*. I think for simplicity’s sake, I’ll go with the first option.

So, hey, I’m Sam - Boss Lady, BAS Agent, mum, wife, fellow small business owner, and lover of camping. I’m a proud small-town gal who started this bookkeeping practice while pregnant with my youngest daughter and have embraced the small-business big-life attitude ever since.

Business is a lifestyle, one that (while sometimes demanding) allows me to accommodate the needs of my blended family, shift-working hubby, volunteer efforts, and an insatiable appetite to get out into the bush and explore.

Wanna know an embarrassing fact about me? Here goes…

My favourite thing (in life) is taking on a messy set of books… sad, right? I know. I just love the systematic process of unravelling the mess, creating order, and then building systems. The best part? When we help stressed-out clients clean their bookwork, turn their data into meaningful numbers, and give them absolute clarity in their business. If I didn’t make your eyes glaze at my nerdiness, and you’re still reading, I’m guessing you want to know the boring stuff as well. You know, the street creds… here goes:

I am a registered BAS Agent with the Tax Practitioners Board, with a Cert IV in Financial Services - Bookkeeping, over fifteen years’ experience in bookkeeping, accounts, and payroll across various industries, and an expert coffee drinker. Impressed?


Senior Bookkeeper



Senior Bookkeeper & BAS Agent


Rhianan Johnson

Trainee Bookkeeper